Destruction Of A Swiss Timepiece

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

II Timothy 2:15

I remember when I got my first nice watch as a kid, and I think back to how proud I was of that watch. I was careful not to scratch it, and I took good care of it. The watch had a loud tick to it which often lulled me to sleep. One day, I went outside to play with my dog so I took it off and placed in a basket that hung from the patio beam.  I was called inside for dinner, so I forgot my watch and left it outside in the basket. I thought nothing of it as the night passed, and I went to sleep without a worry in my head. I woke up the next morning and went outside to feed my dog, and I saw something that made my stomach turn and my blood boil. My dog had not waited for breakfast, but instead he decided to chew up my watch that I was so proud of. I found parts of my watch scattered all over the yard and bite marks where the watch hands once proudly were displayed. I looked for my dog and once my eyes locked on him, I chased him and vowed never to forgive him for this trespass.

I was distraught over my watch and still tried to wear it, but the damage was irreparable. I told my mom and she felt bad for me, so she made me a deal. She told me she would buy me a new watch if and when I finished my Awana book. The Awana book contained many verses and mottos and was designed to take you through the year. It was early October and I had just started the first section of my book. I smiled from ear to ear, and gave her a nod and a wink. In those days, a person’s word was sufficient, so there was no drawn out agreement or contract. I was excited to finish my book, and I vowed to be wearing my watch soon.

We had a tape recorder and I would say verses into the tape recorder with my adolescent lisp, and play them back over and over again till they became ingrained in my brain. The verses would replay in my head all day, and I could not wait to find an Awana leader to say my verses to. I soon started to tear through my book and this method helped me memorize God’s Word. I finished my book in one month and sure enough, I was awarded with a brand new watch that I made sure to never put in the basket again.

II Timothy 2:15 is the main verse Awana uses and it is on the cover of every book and material they produce.II Timothy 2:15 states, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” The main verse is used as the essence of why we are to memorize God’s Word. Although I received a watch as a reward, the true reward was in the memorizing of God’s Word. In times of trials and temptations, the verses I memorized in that month still come up in my memory. When I sought truth and guidance, there was God’s Word that reminded of what truth was. When someone brought up questions I couldn’t answer, the Word of God came to me at the most opportune times. God’s Word will not return empty and is necessary for spiritual growth. We are God’s workmen and we must be diligent in studying the scriptures so that we are not ashamed when we are asked of the hope that lies within us.

The key phrase in this verse is, “Approved unto God.” If there is someone’s approval I desire more than anyone else, it is the approval of my God. I long to know more about Him, and I long to hear of His truth, knowledge and understanding. I want to be one who rightly divides the Word of truth and one that is diligent in the study of His Word.

Where are you today friend? Are you reading God’s Word? Is your devotional life one that is part of a checklist or is it a special time in your day? Do you long for the approval of God or do you seek the approval of friends and family? Are you memorizing God’s Word? Are you a worthy workman or one that will be found ashamed? May we be found as worthy workmen and might we not be ashamed when He comes again. I thank God for a mom who incentivized me with a watch, but in turn changed my life with the precious study and memorization of God’s Word.

Stay in the Fight!

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