Dedicating Praise

And at the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem they sought the Levites out of all their places, to bring them to Jerusalem, to keep (celebrate) the dedication with gladness, both with thanksgivings, and with singing, with cymbals, psalteries, and with harps.

Nehemiah 12:27

There are moments in life when it would behoove us to stop and give God glory and thanks for what He has done or what He is doing. I would say every moment should be dedicated to giving God glory and praise, but there are certain instances that stand out that we should be mindful of – times in our life when we have seen God work in our lives and in the lives of others, people and situations you have prayed over and asked God to work in the given situation or in the person you are praying for. I think back to the times in my life that serve as spiritual “mile markers” when God answered specific prayer or times where I felt Him speaking to me in a very real way.

We spend a lot of time asking God for things and even asking others to ask God on our behalf, but we often forget to thank and praise Him after the fact. We really forget when things do not turn out the way we had anticipated or when the answer to our prayer is “no” or “not yet”. I never recall thanking my parents as a teenager for them telling me “no” to something I wanted to do, even though I am thankful now. We must always trust God’s way and His timing and be thankful for both the times He says “no” and the times He says “yes”. He is always worthy of our praise and all the glory is due to Him.

God had the children of Israel set up memorials so the generations that would come after them would remember the great things He had done. God’s word is a similar way for us to reflect and remember the great God we serve and for us to never forget or question His goodness and care for His people. The dedicating of the wall of Jerusalem was a testament to the things God had done for the children of Israel. The miracle of God putting the pieces together for the wall to be built and the short time it took them to build was a testament to God and Him doing what only He can do. There was no plausible human explanation for the rebuilding of the wall, but it was due to God and God alone.

The children of Israel did not hold back with their praise to God as they exhibited gladness and praised Him through their God-given skills of music. There was gladness and the joy of the Lord in their heart which came out as they dedicated their praise to almighty God. Our praise to Him should not be given with an unthankful heart, but our praise to Him should overflow out of gratitude for the great things He hath done. We should take time to dedicate praise to our God for the things He has done, the things He is doing, and the things He will do. He is worthy of our praise!

Will you dedicate praise to Him? Will you praise Him for all that He has done? Will you thank Him for saving you? Will you praise Him for the great things He has done? He is worthy of our praise, and we should always be ready to praise Him. What “wall” has He built in your life? What great things has He done for you? If you can think of nothing to praise Him for, remember He humbled Himself as a man and died for you because He loves you. May we praise Him for the greatest gift anyone can give, and may we not let the sun go down without giving Him praise.

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