Dealing With Sin

“And David said unto Nathan, I have sinned against the Lord. And Nathan said unto David, The Lord also hath put away thy sin; thou shalt not die.”

2 Samuel 12:13

I remember one Sunday afternoon I was quite thirsty after taking kids home on the bus after church. I ran a route that went north of where the church was, and it made for a long day. I left home around 7:30am on Sunday mornings and I did not home until 1:45pm. The bus had no air conditioning minus the open window, and I was known to sweat through a shirt or two. I had cleaned my suits quite often, and I had a standard blue dress shirt I wore every Sunday morning which became quite tattered around the sleeves. I was just getting off this route, and I decided to go to Sonic to quench my thirst before heading home. I typically did not stop anywhere, but I was parched this particularly Sunday and I wanted a cherry limeade slush.

I sucked down my “Route 44” drink and it did not take me long. Shortly after consuming my drink, I did not feel so well and I started to get the chills. I got home and I soon had to visit the men’s room. I had this drink many times before, so I was puzzled by the effects it had given me. I went to dinner later that night with my mom, and I told her about the cherry limeade incident. She thought it might be my body trying to dump the sugar I overwhelmed it with, so she decided to check my blood sugar level. I was surprised about how high I tested, and I realized I might have a problem. I made an appointment with my doctor to get to the bottom of it as I knew something was wrong. 

I got on the scale at the doctor’s office, and I tipped the scale at 248 pounds, which shocked me. I had gotten out of control with my weight and I tested as a borderline diabetic. My doctor told me that I had two choices: I could go on medication, or I could change my eating habits and lose some weight. I decided to do the latter and I knew I had to get serious about my weight. I quit drinking soda and I treated carbs as if they were my sworn enemies. I went to a nutritionist, and I even got an EKG, which is a funny story I will only tell if you ask me. I got serious about my condition and I lost around 25 pounds, which helped lower my blood sugar. You tend to get serious about your health when you are given bad news, and you know you should not wait to make changes.

I wish I would have gotten as serious about the sin in my life as I did with my health. I played around with sin, and I would always say “I will do right tomorrow”, but tomorrow never came. I would be moved by a message, but I would not be fully changed by it. I would commit to Bible reading and prayer for a day or two, but then would be preoccupied by my own ambitions and pursuits. Once King David was confronted with his sin, he dealt with it immediately and completely. We should take notice of sin like this in our life and attack it with the same vigor. God cannot tolerate sin and we should not allow it either. 

What are you allowing in your life that you need to put far from you? Are you dealing with sin immediately or are you putting it off to another day? How is your one-on-one time with God? Are you obeying Him in all things or you only following in the areas you feel are convenient for you? May we get serious about our relationship with God, and may we be willing to see our sin for what it truly is – an offense against our holy God. May God help us to do what is right, and may we view sin as God does. 

Stay in the Fight!

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