Complete Obedience

“And the children of Israel did according to all that the LORD commanded Moses: so they pitched (camped) by their standards, and so they set forward (set out), every one after their families, according to the house of their fathers.”

Numbers 2:34

I was studying for a podcast on the topic of children obeying their parents. There were plenty of verses to focus on and much of the material was not new to me. I was excited to tackle this topic as I struggled to be obedient as a child. It wasn’t as if I didn’t know better, but I was bent on going my way. Proverbs 22:15 states, “Foolishness is bound (bound up) in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.” It seemed my heart was more foolish than others as I got into trouble more often than anyone else.

I was not devoid of knowledge as I had memorized all the “right” verses, but I had trouble executing what I had learned. I knew what I needed to do, and I would even tell myself that I would do everything in my might to not get a spanking. As much as I tried, I still ended the day with my bottom glowing like a neon light. I could not seem to walk the straight line. I did have a desire to do what was right, but it did not exceed my desire to do what I wanted to do. I guess you could say I have always struggled with obedience, and I still battle with my flesh as my flesh is weak even though my spirit is willing.

I think of the powerful testimony the children of Israel had as they are listed in Numbers as doing all that the Lord had commanded them. Now, if you continue to read the rest of the Bible, you will see that they did not always obey and they suffered the consequences for it. I think of the Promised Land and how many of the Israelites did not get to see it because they chose to not obey all that the Lord had said. I think of those who lost their lives and even the lives of their families because they chose to disobey almighty God. I think of Saul who only partially disobeyed, or so he thought, but God saw it as full disobedience. Saul paid quite the price for his disobedience, and I can relate to the consequences of this sin.

I have suffered many consequences in my life because of my disobedience. I remember missing half of my senior year with my classmates, and I missed a trip to Hawaii because of it. I think of my sore bottom, and I remember the knot in my stomach as I went to bed wondering if my disobedience would be found out. I was devoid of peace, and I surrendered that peace for my wicked disobedience. Disobedience always cost you more than you are willing to pay, and there is no greater peace than doing all that the Lord has commanded you to do.

Where are you today friend? Do you do all that the Lord has commanded you to do? Do you only partially obey, not realizing that you are fully disobeying? Is God pleased with your obedience? What will be be said of you when your life is over? Will you have it said of you that you “did according to all that the LORD commanded?” May God help us to obey all that He has commanded us to do, and may our testimony impact the lives of others for all eternity.

Stay in the Fight!

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