Citrus Juice

“But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.”

James 4:6

My friend had been asking if I would hike the Grand Canyon with him, and I reluctantly agreed to it. I am terrified of heights, so I was not too excited about going. I thought he would forget and I would be absolved of having to fulfill my duty. He did not forget and promptly booked a hotel room. The trip was now set and while I tried to think of every excuse to get out of it, I could not wiggle my way out of the commitment I had made.

The day finally came and we set out to conquer the hike at the Grand Canyon. Our goal was to go down and back up the same day and celebrate with some ice cream at the top. I was scared at first, but quickly learned to keep my eyes off of the edges and just keep moving. The view was spectacular and the weather was perfect. The Grand Canyon is quite different than most hikes as you start at the top, then go down and have to come back up. We were making good time as we headed toward the bottom and enjoying the beauty of the Colorado River. We ate some lunch and got hydrated and then started the monumental task back up to the top of the canyon.

We were making decent time as we stormed our way up and out of the Devil’s Staircase, but my lungs were empty and my legs burned. We took a short break and then pressed on but then my body started to betray me. Cramps filled my legs and I became like the tin man who needed oil. I tried to rub out the cramps and stretch, but these were only temporary solutions. A fellow hiker saw my plight and offered me some citrus juice that she said would alleviate my cramping. I erroneously and pridefully said, “No thank you, I’m okay.” My legs tried to kick my brain as if to say “what are you thinking??” as they knew I would soon come to regret my decision.

My body betrayed me for the next several hours, and I literally had to will my way to the top. I saw the lady again and asked if she had any more citrus juice, and she responded, “Sorry, all gone!” She gave me the look that said, “I try to tell you so, but you didn’t want to listen.” I hung my head in shame and kept trodding along, struggling to reach the top if this great mountain.
We are often the same way in our spiritual life and we reject or deny God’s help because we think we are okay. We have grown accustomed to not realizing our need for His help until a situation becomes desperate, and our eyes are pried open to our need of Him. God has His hand out for those who will take it, but He will reject those who are proud.

Where are you today friend? Are you asking God for help on a daily basis? Do you realize your need for Him? Do you realize He is all you have? Do you want God’s grace or do you think you are doing okay on your own? May we seek Him today and may we be humble enough to ask for and accept His help. Life cannot be lived without Him, and may we live for Him through His divine help.

Stay in the Fight!

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