Cherry Torte

“Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:”

Ephesians 4:26

Father’s Day is usually one of my favorite days. My son’s birthday sometimes falls on this day and it is a time I get to honor my dad and get pampered myself. One particular Father’s Day a few years ago, Lanie flew in to spend the day with me, and I was excited to see her. I enjoyed a nice lunch with the family and was quite content as the day was going very well.

I wanted to surprise my dad by showing up to his church for Sunday night service. He was preaching that night, so it was a double treat to hear my dad preach and spend some time with him. He was surprised that the whole family showed up and the day just seemed to be getting better and better. We decided to go to an Italian restaurant we both liked to cap off a wonderful day.

We got to the restaurant and were enjoying a nice dinner when it came time for dessert. I was about to look at the menu when my sister brought out a full pan of cherry torte. There are very few desserts I like more than cherry torte, and this was a great way to cap off a great Father’s Day. Then a thought crept into my mind. My sister had made this dessert to honor my dad because he loves it as well, and I started to wonder why Rebekah had not chosen to honor me with the same.

Rebekah knew I loved cherry torte and she knew it was Father’s Day, but yet she did not choose to make me any dessert. I started to grow mad inside, and I began to think of all the things throughout the day that were fine an hour ago, but now seemed to be injustices against me. I asked Rebekah where my cherry torte was, and I demanded that a wrong be righted. I picked a fight with her and told her that my day had not been as good as I thought it should be. She then proceeded to tell me that Mother’s Day was not great for her either, and that only served to pour fuel on the fire. I went to bed angry that night, and I let the sun go down upon my wrath. It took me until the next day to see the error of my ways and for me to ask for forgiveness from Rebekah. I am learning to not let the sun go down upon my wrath and to make things right as soon as possible.

What about you? Do you struggle with anger? Do you struggle with discontentment? Do you search for fault in others? Do you let the sun go down upon your wrath? Are you one who desires peace, or do you thrive on drama? May we not blame others for our sin of anger and discontentment, and may we keep our accounts current with God. Who do you need to reconcile with before the day is out? May we keep our anger in check and may we be quick to ask for forgiveness when we don’t.

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