Call Me Jim

“[Elijah] was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months.”

James 5:17

Rebekah and I joined a church together when we were first married. Although we both had attended church our whole lives, we spiritually “grew up” there and experienced many wonderful things. Our pastor had great faith and prayed for everything and anything. At times I thought, “there is no way this will happen”, but he was not discouraged and would continue to seek God for big things.

We were a smaller church, but growing, and needed more space. Our pastor was looking at all options but it was too expensive to build a building, so he began to pursue other options. He came across a modular office building that was on sale for $25,000. The church only had about 60 members attending at that time, so the price tag was a bit more than the church could afford.

God has unlimited resources, so our pastor began to pray that God would just give us the modular building. He was not praying for a discount or a reduced price, but was asking God outright for the whole thing. I thought this was a bit outlandish but I prayed along with him anyway, not fully believing it was even possible. We held special prayer meetings and even 24-hour prayer meetings as we did at other times throughout the years. I am not sure anyone had the faith our pastor did, but I know he spent a lot of time in the prayer closet.

Our pastor was not a shy man, and he decided to stop by the business office to ask more about the modular building. If memory serves me well, I believe he met with the CEO of the company and just boldly asked him, “How would you like to give that building to the Lord?” The man looked at him and responded, “Only if you call me Jim.” We soon received the building and didn’t pay a dime for it. God simply gave it to us, and I was amazed by what God did. The church rejoiced, and I felt guilty that I ever doubted. The answered prayer gave me great confidence in how I prayed, and I learned firsthand that God is able to do the impossible.

In what area do you doubt him today? What are you needing God to do in your life? Is there a modular building you need Him to give you or a mountain you need moved? Are you praying earnestly and often or just casually when you think about it? God will answer if we will ask, and He will always answer according to His will. May we seek Him in all things whether it be great or small. May we glorify Him when He does the impossible, and may we not hesitate to come boldly before His throne.

Stay in the Fight!

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