Art Class

“The LORD looketh from heaven; he beholdeth (sees) all the sons of men.”

Psalm 33:13

When I was in junior high, we had an art teacher who was so patient and kind. She was an artist and had a desire to teach, so she volunteered her time to teach us art. She was a great teacher who taught me how to draw, and at times, I would look at my art in disbelief that I drew what was on the paper. She would walk around the classroom and give each student the attention that was need for his or her project. I had some fellow classmates who used this time to mess around, and then one day they created a game that changed everything.

I am not sure whose idea it was to play truth or dare, but we used our time in art class to do things we should not have been doing. Our teacher was older and would be so engrossed in helping someone that others in the class would be able to get away with murder if they so desired. In the game, a decoy would ask for art help and once the teacher turned her back, someone would dare someone else to do something that would normally not be tolerated in our small Christian school.

The dares would range from couples sneaking a kiss in to other things that I will not even mention. I felt bad for our teacher as she was super sweet, but I was not innocent of this truth or dare game. The game sometimes led to fights between classmates, and I am sure I could not count the number of demerits that should been handed out in that art class hour. We would laugh after art class about what we got away with, but God saw all of our actions and we truly did not get away with anything.

Our decisions always have consequences, and although you may get to do what you want, there are consequences to every decision you make or don’t make. As children, we often looked around to see if anyone was watching before we did something wrong, but never once thought to look up to see if God was watching. I used to think I got away with things, but I was wrong to believe that God did not see me or would ignore what I did.

Where are you today friend? What sin are you hiding that you think no one knows about? Number 32:23 states, “But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out.” I have been foolish to think that I have gotten away with something, only to be found out in some of the most embarrassing ways. May we not be so concerned about getting caught as we are about sinning against our God. May we not look for opportunities to sin, but make we look for opportunities to do what is right. We will always reap what we sow, so let us sow that which is pleasing to almighty God.

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