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“Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.”

Revelations 3:3

Arizona is my home, but I lived in Illinois from 1994-1998. We lived in a suburb just south of Chicago, Calumet City, and I imagine it was like many suburbs throughout the country. We had an elementary school close by and kids constantly came by our house on the way to and from school. In fact, the kids walked by so often they wore out a path on our grass.

The kids loved to harass my dog as they went by and would tease him to no end. I imagine my dog fantasized about one day being on the other side of the fence so he could exact some revenge on those kids who teased him daily. To his chagrin, he never got that chance. Teasing my dog wasn’t their only activity, though. On their walk home, the kids often said things that would make a sailor blush, as though no one could hear them.

I was home one day in the front yard when the kids took their usual jaunt, with the f-bombs dropping as always. The kids were laughing and having a good time as they casually took their stroll. One of the kids lived across the street from us and, unbeknownst to him, his grandmother was waiting in the front yard for him. Her grandson started to turn the corner from our house, and she immediately started in on him. She stormed over to meet him with the wrath of Khan, and his face went pale white. She caught him by surprise and he could offer no excuse as she had heard every word he’d said. I imagine the kid wished he could rewind his life back a few minutes, but it was too late as the damage had been done.

I think back to the many times in my life when I was engulfed in sin, and I was not ready for my Lord’s return. If he were to come, I would be ashamed and my face would be in shock as the kid who was caught by his grandma. I was not watching for His return, and I failed to realize that He had heard and seen my every word and deed. I was commanded to pray for His second coming but in my sin, I was trying to prolong it.

Are you ready today for the Lord’s second coming? Will you be ashamed to see Him? Are you doing things that are pleasing to Him or are you embarrassed by what He sees and hears? Today is the day to repent, and today is the day to obey and keep His commandments. We must not wait to do what is right, but we must act on obeying Him now. Are you watching for His second coming? Are you warning others about His return? May we be ready and may our prayer be as Revelations 22:20b states, “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

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