Always Faithful

“If we believe not (are faithless), yet he abideth (remains) faithful: he cannot deny himself.”

2 Timothy 2:13

There were several people in my past who brought me and my peers up in the things of God and seemed to be faithful to the Word and the faith. I remember how strict they were with us and how they did not let us slide for one second. Whenever we had “contraband” of any kind, they seemed to catch us and they foiled most of our plans to do evil. I think back to the many preaching messages I heard from those in authority, and they preached hard on sin and the attraction of the world that pulls a teenager like bug zappers found on some patios. I do believe they cared for us, and I often wondered if they struggled with sin like I did.

As I grew older, I realized the struggle with sin and the lure of the world did not dissipate with age, but just presented different challenges. Many of the same same sins still surfaced, and some new ones replaced some of the old ones. The world still drew me in, and the bug zapper got bigger and the shock that came hurt even more. I found myself at times even doubting my salvation as sin seemed to take over, and my profession of faith seemed like such a long time ago. God was faithful in those times even though I did not always see it, and at times, I chose not to care. I learned a consistent theme in those times that still rings true today.

I found God to be faithful to me even when I was not faithful to Him and did not seek or desire Him. His still small voice would faithfully convict me of the sin I was involved in. I realized He is faithful in all things and at all times because He cannot be anything besides that. He cannot go against Himself and He remains the concrete barrier that cannot be moved. He is the solid foundation, and He is the faithful Father who waits for the return of ahis prodigal child. No matter how far I have strayed, I have always come to know that He faithfully welcomes me back. He has not turned His back on me, but He instead welcomes me with open arms and cleans me up from the filth of the world.

I wish I could say I had never strayed from Him, but He is the only One who is faithful. He is the only One who has not broken a promise, and He is the only One who will always be faithful to the end. Unfortunately, there are some who taught me as a youth who now do not remain in the faith, and it is hard for me to understand how they have chosen to stray from God and His Word. I try to remember myself and the times I have strayed, and my desire is that I would finish my race strong and be faithful to the end. I am thankful for a God who does not waver and for a God whose faithfulness is not dependent on me.

Where are you today friend? Where were you spiritually five years ago? Have you grown closer or strayed further from your faithful God? May we stick to the stuff, and may we remain faithful to a God who cannot be moved. May we remember that God is faithful to keep all of His promises, and may we rest that we can depend on Him for all things and for all situations.

Stay in the Fight!

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