All You Have To Do Is Ask

“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”

Hebrews 4:16

I have never been one to be shy about asking for anything. I married out of my league and have been granted things all because I simply just asked.

When I was young, I would scour the ads in the paper and earmark all the catalogs I came in contact with. I knew all the toy locations and I was well aware of the coolest and hottest toys. I would locate what I wanted whether it was Christmas time or gifts for my birthday, and I would share these ideas with my parents. I would cut out the pictures and casually post them on my parents’ bedroom mirror. I would highlight the things I wanted, and I would check in periodically to ensure my signage was not taken down. I got a lot of the things I asked for, and I still drop subtle hints from time to time.

I told Kate about what I used to do and her eyes lit up. Days went by and I forgot about our conversation, but she apparently did not. I walked into my bathroom and found clippings from an ad with items circled and highlighted. I realized I was raising a monster much like myself but with advanced technology. I will take her list to heart, and will give it some serious thought for Christmas or when he birthday rolls around.

Although I have asked for gifts and things, it pales in comparison to the things I have asked of God. There have been times of weeping and crying and seeking His face. There have been moments of despair when I cried out to Him for help and mercy. I have spoken to him about things that needed to be changed, and for others who were desperately in need. Although I don’t always feel this way, there is not a moment in this life when we don’t need the mercy and grace of our Heavenly Father. He is approachable like none other and even asks us to ask Him. He is not too busy or occupied with the cares of this world. He is available 24/7 and He never grows weary of hearing from His children. He asks us to come boldly to seek His help and obtain mercy when life pins us to the ground.

Do you come boldly to the throne of the Kings of Kings? Do you cry out like Peter and say, “Lord save me!” Do you struggle in this life because you are too proud and busy to ask for His help? Do you realize He longs to hear from you, and He never grows tired of hearing your requests? We are a needy people in need of our great God who desires to help us in our greatest times of physical and spiritual needs. He provided help for our greatest need, so we need to trust Him for all the other ones. May we not be shy to ask for mercy and grace, and may He be our first option always. The throne of grace is always open, so will you boldly seek Him today?

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