About Saso

I was born into a Christian home and exposed to the gospel at a young age. I had my share of getting into trouble, so I was quite familiar with sin even though I was only five years old. I came to know a personal relationship with Jesus Christ after my mom read to me the Pineapple Story. I would like to say that I stuck to the faith and lived for God, but oftentimes, I sought my own way and rebelled against God throughout my life. God has been merciful and gracious to always lead me back to Himself, and I am thankful for the truth that He disciplines those He loves. I desire to live for God and pray these devotionals are a blessing and help to you. God has blessed me with a beautiful wife of 23 years and three children. He has allowed me to write this devotional, partner with my dear brother on the Abundant Life Podcast, and lead in various ministries inside and outside of church. I am the director of Freedom That Lasts which God has used in my own personal life to see real and lasting change for His honor and glory. Thank you for reading and may we allow God to change our lives as He is the only source of Freedom That Lasts.

About the Devotional

Stay in the fight is a devotional that seeks to apply God’s truth in a practical way using personal stories and applying it to biblical truth. The blog style writing is humorous, transparent, relatable and is a great way to align your thoughts with God’s Word. The blog is a great way to keep God in your focus and it is easy to share with others.

Stay in the Fight!