A Word To The Wise

“He that feared the word of the Lord among the servants of Pharaoh made his servants and his cattle flee into the houses: And he that regarded not the word of the Lord left his servants and his cattle in the field.”

Exodus 9:20-21

I grew up thinking there was no home as strict as mine. My parents were pretty strict, and I do not recall listening to anything but Christian music in the car and in our home. The Christian radio station was on 24/7, and I remember singing Shalom My Friend as I skipped around outside. My parents took the Word of God seriously and they obeyed it the best way they knew how. I was warned of things that I thought I would never partake in, and sadly in some things I did not heed this warning as I felt I had to experience things for myself. A fool is one who falls headlong into trouble instead of adhering to the word of the wise.

I remember our pastor saying from the pulpit, “A word to the wise is always sufficient.” I sat there as a kid and nodded in agreement, only to forget the warnings given to me. I remember the warnings I got in church, at camp, and even in my Christian school career. I had lines drawn for certain things I would not do, but I did not have the fear of the Lord as I should have. I saw some sins as worse than others, and I allowed sin in my life that was acceptable to me but certainly not acceptable to God. I learned there is a price to pay when you do not listen to the word of the Lord, and I learned that I was never quite prepared to pay all that I owed.

I am grateful for those who warned me of the penalty of sin, and I am grateful for parents who did not simply desire to be my friend, but instead desired that I did was right. I was shortsighted in thinking that my parents only wanted to stifle my fun, but now I see they were warning me of the judgement of God. I look here to the servants of Pharaoh who listened to God’s warning and cared enough about their servants and cattle to get them to safety. These individuals stand in stark contrast to those who took God lightly and paid the ultimate price for their lack of fear of almighty God. Sin often does not just effect one person, but it hurts and destroys all those in its path. Sin destroys families, friends, and relationships just like it did to those servants of Pharaoh who did not regard the voice of the Lord.

What sin are you involved in that you need to repent of? Is a word to the wise sufficient for you, or do you choose to remain unwise in your actions? Are you warning others of the judgement that is coming or are you okay with you and yours being safe, disregarding the cries of others? Will you seek help and shelter or will stay out in the hail like a fool? May we heed the word of the Lord, and may a word to the wise be sufficient.

Stay in the Fight!

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