A Wedding Proposal

And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful (worried) and troubled about many things: But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.

Luke 10:41-42

There are some who have dreamed of their wedding day from when they were very young. They may have imagined the dress or suit they would wear, the colors that would represent them, and the type of flowers that would adorn the tables. I am sure some may have also thought about who would be in their wedding, and to whom they would entrust to marry them. Marriage is a huge day in your life and it should not be a day that is taken lightly. I have known since I was 14 who I wanted to marry, but I did not give much thought to how it would take place. I knew I wanted Rebekah as my bride, but how that all looked, I really did not care to think about it nor did I find it important. The most important thing to me was the woman I would be marrying. We were not 14 when we were married, but we were still young and clueless as to what we wanted. We were assured we wanted to marry each other, which is pretty important I have heard.

There have been many reality shows surrounding the topic of weddings in which brides aim to find the perfect dress, the best caterer, and the most beautiful flows one can imagine. It seems there is a lot of effort that goes into this special day and a lot of money that goes out the window. The planning that goes into the wedding turns brides into Bridezillas and brings out the worst as two parties try to come together and decide what is best for both parties. I am thankful that we were ignorant in all of this as Rebekah decided on a dress from a picture my mom sent to her in the postal mail and my dad took me to the department store and bought me a nice black suit. We were not too picky as we did not know any better. No one would be the wiser as I thought her dress was beautiful, and my suit looked sharp. I got many wears out of that suit, and I was always reminded of our special day.

I think back to that day, and although it was amazing, it was not the pinnacle of our relationship. The wedding day was the start of our lives together, but it would be silly if our relationship ended there. We promised that day to be with no one else but each other, and we vowed to be together forever no matter what, ‘til death do us part. The first few years sometimes felt as though death was coming quickly, but God brought us through those times, and we were both dedicated to always and forever. God has brought us a long way, and marriage has been better than I ever dreamed of and better than what I thought it would be the day we were married. God has given me a helpmeet, and Rebekah is strong in the areas where I am weak, and we complement each other in our areas of strength and weaknesses.

I could not imagine not sharing my life with her after the day we got married, and simply being happy with marrying my dream girl and being satisfied with the wedding ring and marriage certificate. I know that sounds crazy that I would even think about that, but there are some Christians who live like this when it comes to God. They get saved to get out of hell, but they do very little after that to pursue a real relationship with God. I would not disagree that not going to hell is a great thing, but having a close walk with God day by day for all of eternity is also a great thing. He is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother and a Friend who is there in both the joyous times and in the times of great trials. We would never make a marriage proposal only to leave after the wedding and wishing our bride good luck with the rest of her life, but we do this sometimes in our spiritual walk after our justification. God desires a relationship with us just as we do with our new bride. We are fools to think justification is where it stops and not pursue the true joys of sanctification – becoming like Christ. In the passage above, Mary sought what was truly important and was not concerned with the cares of this world. She sought to spend time with her Lord and knew that part would be with her forever.

What are you choosing today? Are you content with just the marriage ceremony, or do pursue a relationship with your God? Do you desire to get to know Him in an intimate way? Do you attempt to live life as though He does not exist? Do you read His word and spend time with Him in prayer? Do you have knowledge of who He is? Do you know how He wants you to live? Praise God for the gift of salvation but know it does not stop there. We are invited to have a personal relationship with Him that goes beyond death and extends to all eternity. May we walk with Him daily and may the joy of the Lord shine upon our face. To God be the glory!

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