A Time For Prayer

“But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore [serious], and [watchful] unto prayer.”

I Peter 4:7

I remember back to January 2017 when a friend of mine was in a major dilemma. He was facing some serious consequences for something he had confessed to and been forgiven of, but the impending physical consequences weighed heavy on him, and he did not see a way out of his situation. He prayed and asked God for a different resolution to what he was facing, but would grow more discouraged after every court appearance. He had recently attended another court hearing and did not hear great news, so he wanted to come over to our house and pray.

I told him to come over after church on a Wednesday so we could pray and we decided on a time after 9pm. Unfortunately, on my way home with my son to meet him, I got into a car accident. The accident occurred close to my home, so my friend was able to be there for me at the accident scene, and I was grateful that he was there. The night wore on and it seemed to take forever for my truck to be towed away and to finish talking with the police officers. It was about midnight when we finally wrapped up, and I honestly forgot that we were supposed to pray together.

We piled in the car and I was ready to just get home and go to bed as I was hurting and weary when my friend asked me, “Can we still pray?” I felt guilty and played it off as if I didn’t forget and agreed. We came into the house, knelt down in my living room and began to pray. My body was hurting pretty badly, but it didn’t seem to matter as my friend was pouring his heart out to God. We all wept as we sought God’s face and asked Him to do something only He could do. During that time, I forgot all about my accident as we went together before our Father’s throne. My body has since healed and I don’t recall what that pain was like, but I will always remember our prayer time together.

In recent days, it seems like the world has been turned upside down. Some are stockpiling beans and rice as if the end is near, and people are wandering around aimlessly looking for hope like it was an Easter egg hunt. No man knows the end of time, but it is always time for us to be serious and watchful unto prayer. We are currently in a time that warrants Christians to pray, but we are always in need of prayer if we are insightful and honest. A time for us to forget our own problems and focus on the needs of others. A time to pray for those who are spiritually lost and looking for the hope that only comes from God. A time when God can do the impossible if we are willing to take the time and ask.

Who in your life needs prayer? Who have you forgotten to pray for in this time? Are you looking for opportunities to pray for others or have your own needs been on the forefront of your mind and prayers? May we be mindful of those who need prayer, and may we not soon forget the needs of others. God has given us a tremendous opportunity, and we must be faithful to capitalize on it. Who will be changed or impacted by your prayers? Will you be serious and watchful to pray? Will your prayers have an eternal impact? May we spend more time lifting up others to God, and may we realize now more than ever that today is the day of salvation as we do not know what tomorrow will bring.

Stay in the Fight!


  1. Marta Moreno on 03/23/2023 at 11:21 am

    The power of prayer is beyond our understandings but it works. To God be the glory!

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