A Light Switch

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

1 Thessalonians 5:18

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “Remember the days you prayed for the things you have now.” You can find these words framed at various home decor stores and it sounds good, but what does it all really mean? Well, I imagine it means different things to different people and different things at different times in their life. We sometimes pray for things that God gives us, and then forget to thank Him for His provisions in providing us the things we prayed for. Maybe it was healing from an illness, a particular job, or a spouse we were praying for. Maybe it was someone who was in need of the Savior or someone who was in need of deliverance from a besetting sin. We all have had burdens upon our heart that we asked God to intervene for, but I think most of us would attribute this saying to the physical things in life like a nicer house, more money, a better job, etc. We often take for granted the things God provides for us on a daily basis, and how blessed we are to live in a country with such abundance.

God gives us a salisbury steak, and we complain that it’s not a “real” steak. We forget our true dependence on Him for our daily bread as He is the One who gives us all that we eat. I remember complaining as a little kid about dinner and not liking what was on the menu. I did not consider that there were other people who had nothing to eat, but yet I sat there complaining. I did not consider my own dad who was not raised in abundance and did not have the good things I had to eat. It is easier to complain than to be thankful, but one displeases God and the other brings Him honor. If you are a parent, you can think of your children and what pleases you more – their complaining or their gratefulness.

I remember going to the hardware store as a kid and something caught my eye. I loved to go to the hardware store to look around, even though I had no idea how things worked, but there were a lot of cool things for a kid to see. I saw a light switch as part of a display that looked different than what I had. The switch in my room in the 80s was the traditional switch that you would flip on and off much like everyone else I knew had. The new switch I saw in the store was a “rocker” switch, and since my birthday was coming up, I had the perfect present in mind. I wanted that switch in my room as I thought it was the coolest thing. I may have been exposed to electricity to think this, but I was impressionable and the switch display impressed me. I told my mom about the switch, and I hoped to get it for my birthday.

My big day came and my parents did not buy me the switch, but I got some money as part of my gifts and the switch was within my budget. I went to the hardware store and purchased the switch, and I had every intention of installing it myself, although I shocked myself many times. My mom finally installed the switch, and I stared at it with glee like one who climbs Mount Everest and looks around in admiration. As the days wore on, the glee wore off and my grandma eventually broke the rocker switch because she used her cane to turn the light off and on. She would sometimes miss the target and strike the switch harder than necessary, and one day she struck it too hard causing it to crack and eventually dissipate piece by piece. I quit being thankful for that switch and my desires switched to something else.

The other day I was at home, and I noticed the switch on the wall. I realized that my house was filled with rocker switches, and I would have been in heaven some 30+ years ago. I stopped to thank God for the rocker switches and it reminded me of all the things God has given me that I have forgotten to thank Him for, things He provides on a moment-to-moment basis, and the many things I have asked for that I have not thanked Him for in a while. If you are a child of the King, you are so rich in the many things God provides. These intangible things the world considers of no value. The world holds no true riches, but Jesus prayed to the Father that we would have what He shared with the Father. We have so much to be thankful for, even though it may be just a rocker switch. God is so good to us, and it would do us well to be thankful and hold our tongue when we are tempted to complain.

Will you praise Him today? Will you thank Him for all that He has provided? Will you thank Him for the riches He has bestowed upon you? This world is not our home and we should think past what this world may offer and dwell instead on the riches of His abundant mercy and grace in times of need. We can start the day in His will by being thankful. Will you thank Him today? He is the giver of all good things, and may we never forget His goodness to us.

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  1. Marta Moreno on 07/18/2023 at 3:59 pm

    The Lord treats us as we were His only child. To God be the glory!

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