A Father’s Pity And Mercy

“Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience (perseverance) of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful (compassionate), and of tender mercy.”

James 5:11

I remember when I was a young boy, my parents were heavily involved in the Awana ministry at the church. They served as leaders in various functions and eventually, my dad served as Commander and my mom was his right hand woman. I was in Awana from I was a five year old in Sparky’s all the way up to an eighth grader in junior high school. I loved the Awana ministry, and I memorized a lot of verses because of it. The leaders planned activities for us which would include all kind of fun games, craft camp, and a camping event planned for the summer. It kept us kids active and got us involved and incentivized us to do our verses and Awana sections. My mom was going to host a swim party for the girls in her group, and me and my dad had to leave the house for the day. Before we could split, though, there was chores to be done before the girls got there.

The day started early in order for us to get ready, and I was feeling a little contentious. I thought I should be able to swim as well, and I was not fond of have to clean for a party I was not going to be a part of. My attitude was not the best, and I thought I had hidden this from my parents. The morning went on and everything was done when the girls started to show up for the party. My dad tried speaking to me before we went to Whataburger which I was really excited about, but he was not having my attitude and how I was acting earlier. Our house was not very big, so he did not spank me there at the house, but he told me he would take care of me later. My beloved Whataburger did not taste so good, and I had a hard time thinking about anything else. I knew I would face the judge and jury, and my demeanor was not one of joy and happiness.

I got a little upset at my dad because I felt like he should have let it go and not spanked me. We had plans to spend the day together, and I felt he ruined it by spanking me. I did not accept responsibility for my own actions but just thought he was being mean to me. Well, I did not have the best day in the world as I was not super happy with my dad even though I was the root of the problem. We made it home after the day and sure enough, my dad wore out my britches for my deeds of the day. I was a little sore after he did that, and I did not feel close to my dad. I was feeling sorry for myself when it was time to go to dinner with the family at our favorite Chinese restaurant. I cheered up a bit, and we had a nice dinner and I started to feel a little better. We had to take my aunt and uncle home, so my dad and I were relegated to the bed of the pick up truck.

We sat in the back and my dad put his arm around me and held me close as we took my aunt and uncle home, and it seemed like my cares drifted away as he held me. I no longer felt any hard feelings and I felt whole again. I wished I could stay that way forever, and I knew he no longer held anything against me and my punishment was paid in full. My dad was my hero yet again, and I felt on top of the world. As I have gotten older, I see that my parents loved me and the spankings happened because they pitied me and had mercy on me. God only knows the trouble ai avoided due to their corrections in my life.

I was not righteous like Job, and he endured far more than anyone I have known in my life. He felt as though he was righteous and did not deserve the trials God had allowed in his life. God chose him as a faithful servant and allowed Satan to inflict his health, his family, and worldly possessions. Job endured all of this and did not sin against God. He did not see the goodness of God in all of this, but he humbled himself in the end and saw God as merciful and full of compassion. We often go through the trials of life and get mad at God and forget that He is merciful and full of pity for His children, even in the trials and adverse time in life.

What is your view of God? Are you mad at Him over something He is allowed in your life? How about a trial you have gone through? How about someone who has wronged and hurt you? May we have the perseverance of Job and may we never lose sight that God is full of tender mercy and is compassionate toward His children. No matter what we go through, may we never forget that we are always better than we deserve.

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