Rejoice With You

“Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.”

Romans 12:15

I started with my company in February 2016 with high hopes to make my mark there. I was excited to have a fresh start, and I had the ambition of a young man. There was a lot of training I would need to go through and various stages in the process before I hit the “floor.” We were given different trainers and facilitators who were tasked with teaching us and getting us ready to do our jobs. I think of those who had a part in training me, and I must admit that I liked some more than others. I thought there were some who had the patience of a saint and some who had the personality of a porcupine. There were some whom you did not hesitate asking questions of and others who made you cringe at the thought. I had a trainer from San Antonio who had come into town to teach us for a few weeks and I liked above all the rest. He was funny but tough, and did not take our nonsense when we tried to push the envelope a little bit. I did not know at the time how things would turn out between us as I saw him as my boss, and I was just a newbie trying to survive the first phases of training.

My trainer soon finished his stint and went back to San Antonio, but we exchanged numbers and vowed to keep in touch. He came back into town a year or two later, and we saw each other and made small talk. I also went to San Antonio and looked him up and we enjoyed a nice lunch together. We had some things in common such as a love for the Dallas Cowboys and more importantly, we are both believers and brothers in Christ. In more recent years, we talked more about our faith, and he shared some things with me and how God was working in his life. He went through some trials in his life such as losing his brother. He is a subscriber to this blog, and he would read it from time to time. He desired to get a manager role at work, and I gave him possible interview questions to help him prepare. He had tried for several years to get this spot, and participated in countless interviews. I prayed for him during these many interviews, but it was not quite God’s timing for him.

He recently went on another interview and he was asked to go back for a second interview, which is a great sign. Typically, in these scenarios they are just trying to feel you out but you are pretty much a lock to get the position. A week went by and he told me that some people had been notified of getting the position, but he had heard nothing on his end. He felt much like Charlie Brown while Lucy held the football as he felt he was once again denied an opportunity to lead a team. I was always puzzled by the fact that he had not been selected as he led me when I first started, and I admire him for his leadership and patience. He was quite discouraged and I told him to wait on the Lord, but I am not sure he appreciated my advice. I thought nothing of it until I got a text the next day.

My buddy wrote me, “God has blessed me with the MCO spot. I just got the offer.” I cannot tell you how happy I was for him as I knew he had wanted this position for a long time and had gone through many interviews and rejections. God’s timing is always perfect and even though it took some time, God makes no mistakes. My eyes welled up with tears as I rejoiced with my friend, and I was thankful to God for how He directly answered this prayer. He did always answer, but this time it was a “yes” instead of “wait”. My friend told me later in the day that he thought it was God’s will for us to meet. I do not doubt that for one second as God makes no mistakes, and He put this plan in motion seven years prior. This guy has been an encouragement to me, and we have encouraged each other through God’s Word and His promises. I am glad the season of weeping was over and it was now time to rejoice with my friend who had much to rejoice over.

Do you rejoice with those who rejoice, or do you look on with envy and scorn? Do you thank God for answered prayer as much as you ask Him? Do you thank Him even for the “no” or “wait”, or do you get mad at Him or lose faith? Do you trust His timing and sovereignty? God is always at work and He is always good no matter the answer we may get. His plan is always better than ours and He brings those in our life for His honor and glory. I am thankful for my friend, and I rejoice with him as he glows in the beauty of answered prayer. Rejoice with those rejoice as our God is good all the time.

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